About Us

Introduction to Company

It started back in 2003 on an April day when I got a phone call about repairing a cooling tower contactor. And to paraphrase Forrest “for no good reason, we just kept going”

Well that’s about how all businesses get started and DES is no different. We did fix that contactor and the other ten as well. In those days my Dad helped me with that type of project. The first one being on Father’s day no less. From there we have worked data centers, commercial construction and service calls, and residential service calls.

Dynamic Electrical Solutions, Inc is a small business based in Addison, TX. While the company is small it is by no means inexperienced. Edward, that’s me, is a Master electrician registered with the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration. I have been in the electrical business since 1982. Started out wiring Fox & Jacobs homes here in Dallas. Moved from there to hospitals such as Parkland and St. Paul. While at that company I worked on ball field lights in the spring, cooling towers in the winter, and boiler rooms in the summer. I sometimes think the construction world is backwards. I moved on from there to maintenance work, learning DC voltage to supplement my AC knowledge. Then back to construction in tilt wall construction; office/warehouse type buildings. Mostly ground up, lots of trenching for parking lot lights! And then on to DES. A few years later, and here we are.


So, as stated, we are based in Addison. That gives us quick access to all points in the Metroplex. We work south of us; North Dallas, Highland Park, University Park, Oak Cliff. East of us; Richardson, Garland, Mesquite, Lake Highlands. North to Plano, Frisco, The Colony, McKinney and don’t leave out Allen! And go West; Irving, Coppell, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Grapevine. Have ya’ll ever thought about how big this place is?!

Core Values

Fair & Affordable Pricing:

Our values here at Dynamic Electrical Solutions, Inc are to provide a quality job at a fair price.

What that means to me is that I want to do a job where the problem got solved with as little inconvenience to the customer as possible. An example is when John called me the other day about his a/c unit not working. Now, John was out of town and trying to fix this remotely. The a/c tech had been there and told John the breaker in the panel was bad and, not being an electrician, he couldn’t replace it. So, John calls me and I go take a look at it. I told John to send me the a/c tech’s number and I’ll coordinate with him and get him, John, out of the middle of this. Well, I replaced the breaker, called the a/c tech and we talked about the next steps. He had my number for any other problems that might arise. John was ecstatic. I took the back and forth calling out of his hands and made the best use of both of our times.

This is what I mean by quality; not just the quality of the work, lots of company’s do quality work. But quality of your time. I like to ask a lot of questions over the phone when a customer calls. This gives me an idea of the problem and I have formulated a solution to the problem prior to showing up; this can reduce the amount of time I am on the job.

On some occasions I can solve the problem over the phone. A breaker that a customer cannot get to reset comes to mind. I’ve walked people over the phone on how to do that and they are able to fix their own problem. That’s the fair part. I do not want to charge someone for driving to their job and resetting a breaker. That is not fair.

So, Quality at a Fair price is not just showing up and doing a good job. It’s about caring that I am in your house/business fixing a problem that seems complicated with professionalism and ease.

Owner’s Bio

Way back in 1982, after graduated high school, I needed a job and Frymire was hiring! So, I started out wiring Fox & Jacobs homes. I learned how circuits worked and best practices for home wiring. I decided that if I was going to contiunue working as an electrician I needed to learn more than houses. That’s were Young Enterprises came into play. Now I was wiring hospitals. From houses to hospitals is quite a jump in experience. While working there I tested and received my Journeyman license, now I was a real electrician! I shifted tracks for a bit and worked maintenance in a couple of plants were I learned DC voltage and motor controls.

Then moving again. Back into construction, but this time in tilt wall/warehouse building. Yeah, more ditch digging for services and pole lights. I thought I was an electrician and here I was running a backhoe. Life is funny. After five years of warehouse/offices and remodels I took a job with Grubb & Ellis supervising a service department. As is the case for most of us; I didn’t know that was the stepping stone to DES. We were working a Data Center and service calls for office buildings. It was the Data Center that turned the corner for me. The G&E department folded and I was left on my own. So was my friend at the Data Center. So when he called and asked if I could come repair the cooling towers, I said yes. And that is where DES started. One call lead to another and then another and…well you get the idea! Now I have a Masters and Contractors license, my own office and a couple of trucks. I don’t drive them both at the same time though. So 35 years of expericance and several different companies; I seen most things that the electrical world can throw at me. But the real fun is in how the industries keep changing and finding new ways to fix old problems.

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