Residential Services

So... You want to update that room!

Do you want to remove the acrylic lens and fluorescent lights in your kitchen that were installed when Nixon was president? Bet you do.

How about the bath? A can light in the shower changes the entire look of the room. And helps you see to get cleaner, bonus. Add a new heater and a different light over the sink and your friends think you spent a ton on remodeling. But you didn't.

Things we install:

Can lights * Strip lights for the garage Closet lights-with or without pull chains (try it with a motion detector, cool) New outlets * GFCI's (ground fault circuit interrupters) Telephone wiring * Cable for TV and satellite Lighting control (run the entire house from one switch, seriously) Ceiling fans * Bath fans Under and over cabinet lights Lights in your cabinets (these add a very stylish look when you have glass doors!) New switches and dimmers

Other things that we do, too:

Panel change outs (Yes, those FPE panels are bad. Look for red tipped breakers and then call us) Landscape lighting * Patio lights and fans Kitchen remodels * Bath remodels Whole house remodels (well, if you want to) Dedicated circuits (you're gonna need this for that new media room. Rocky in HD!!) Shed and Dog house lights (an a/c unit wouldn't hurt either. Inputted from the dog)

The choices are endless; and overwhelming! Can lights. Decorative, stylish, functional, easy to install i.e. cost effective. Whether you want task lighting, pathway lighting or want to highlight that rare Monet in the bathroom, can lights make good choice for enhancing your lighting needs.

Since electrical work involves more then just lighting; are you building a shop, shed, or full blown welding and body work center? Better call the HOA about that one. But if your not opening a body shop in your garage and would like somewhere for the woodworking tools and/or welding tools. We can install additional outlets in the walls, floors or even in the ceiling to keep the cords up and out of the way.

One of our favorite chores is to wire switched outlets. These are outlets that work from a switch; the advantage of these is to turn on multiple table lamps at the same time, eliminating the need to go to every lamp separately (unless that is your exercise program).

Well, enough about us. This is your house; what do you want to do?

Give Dynamic Electrical Solutions a call and let us help you bring your house, or at least a room, into the present.